Friday, January 14, 2011

PREFIX: The Following article was written as a piece for Men's Advocacy.
However, it's been re-structured to emphasize the racial aspect.
Apparently, one specific group of women are thoroughly brainwashed.
And, it's easy to figure out,
Caucasian women have been ill-advised on how to treat men.
So, try putting this article into this new context.
And, ask why Media Gurus are trying to destroy relationships between European Males and females.

Go Visit the Profiles at any dating agency, in the USA and Europe.
and their pattern of female arrogance is Undeniable.

What should a man expect when he joins an on-line dating agency?
Women always make demands which were impossible to meet.
If you only fail in one category, she won't accept you.
He visits thousands of profiles, and most are rude and downright insulting.

One lady joked and said that she was looking for a guy who's at least "somewhat literate".
...and hopefully able to recite each letter of the alphabet 'fluently'.

Another woman laughingly said that the man must be 'showered & clean'.

While the next profile declared that the man should still at least have his 'teeth'.
Keep looking further,and you'll realize that [most] profiles are similar.

There were rigid requirements for height, financial earnings, background, and hair color. (etc.)
Also, despite many women being large-and-heavy,
...she would only accept a man with an athletic build.

More than anything, the words truly hit with destructive force.
there's too many examples to mention:
But in shortened terms: Most ladies profiles were NASTY.
And, the more you read, the less you'll liked.

There were wise-cracks, and insults.
Plus unreasonable demands which no man could possibly fulfill.

And, Ironically, with all considered,
each and every lady somehow managed to demand 'respect' from her future partner.
Yet, of course, this too is a nasty remark.
She's call him every bad name in the book:
...he's a dummy, a pig, childish, selfish, smelly, over-sexed.
Plus, some even suggested that he's devolved on the scale of humanity.

This sure doesn't sound like the sort of stuff which you'd read in a dating/ marriage agency.

Then, to add insult to injury: there were the usual 'head-games'.
(We sometimes call it 'reverse psychology').
Many ladies claimed that THEY were growing tired of abuse.
These redundant lectures which resembled a Television talk-show.

Believe it or not, things got even crazier.
A Man was searching for love. But, his profile received a just few 'clicks' during its first week. But, during the 2nd week, he reluctantly revealed his good salary. ...and the clicks immediately tripled. He then got the 'audacious' idea to misrepresent his educational background. And once again, twice as many women instantly viewed his profile.

Apparently, she will only view those profiles which meet her rigid standards.
Yet ironically, this "Cataloging" of people comes from the generation who claim to shun casting Judgments.

Above all else,
Most Ladies profiles were written in a BLUNT manner.

Yup,,,, the lady would directly come out and say,

"he must earn at least $75,000 per year." or,

"He must be 5'10" or taller". or,

"I don't want any bald men". Or,

"you gotta learn how to read"

"If you're not willing to re-locate, Please Don't Bother Writing".
(etc. etc. etc.)

"If I don't respond, then please look elsewhere!".

"he must also be successful,"

he should have a nice sports car.

"Living in apartments are unacceptable".

Yet despite everything, many women demanded equality
That's the worst move of all.
A woman must never steer toward political conflicts.

So, whatever she says, it's always rude and nasty.
......But we surely deserve better than this.


Also note the contrast between her and him:
Men's profiles are always friendly, non-critical and pleasant.
And, none of them are NASTY

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